About Mocam

Our mission is to be the preferred provider of the highest quality of customer-focused,
professional security and logistic solutions.


To be the most professional security leader in the industry by exceeding our customers’ expectations while cutting an edge in maintaining a highly skilled, professional and people-friendly staff.


To be the preferred provider of the highest quality of customer-focused, professional security and logistic solutions.

Our Values:

– Professionalism

– Commitment

– Innovation

– Safety

– Trust

Mocam Security Services Ltd has been in security industry for over the last ten (10) years. It is indeed a home of innovative and cut-edge security solutions engineered to tackle the various challenges faced by organizations and residences in relation to safety and security.

Backed by an industrious and proficient team, our systems are constantly monitored for maximum efficiency that helps our esteemed clients have peace of mind. At Mocam we believe that security is much more than a service, but it is a way of life. That is why our team will guide you through the necessary steps and precautions to keep you safe, while maintaining an open door for feedback to help us continuously improve our services for the benefit of all stakeholders involved


Mocam Security is operated through an extensive network of high profiled security personnel with proven solid management abilities and experience. That is why we are able to provide effective, efficient and reliable security services to our clients nationwide. The company was established following comprehensive analysis, monitoring and development of security services with International and Local experts.

Our focus spearheaded by experienced management workforce is fixed on ethical work practice and staff development factors which has culminated in strong trading performance and market recognition.

In the past years, security requirements for Corporations, Companies, Institutions, Embassies, Government Departments and Individuals have become significantly dynamic. In recognition of this fact, Mocam Security Services Limited has continued to assess security requirements of existing and potential clients and, developing the organization structure accordingly. Consequently, corporate growth has accelerated with an impressionable list of clients with sustained long-term business relationships.

Quality is built into everything we do as we target a market of security consumers who appreciate a quality security services. We hold a diverse portfolio of clients across all sectors. Our services are personalized and we are transparent when it comes to information sharing with our clients.

We feel absolutely certain you will find our business methods refreshing and confirm Mocam Security Services has a distinct competitive edge over our competitors.



Private Security Regulatory

Authority (PSRA)




Amboseli Road, Lavington,
P.O. Box 5050 – 00200


Tel: 020 2688100,
Hotline: 0722 611 655


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