Kitting and Equipping our Officers


The security guards will be kitted and issued with the following uniforms items:

  1. Pair of boots (twice a year)
  2. Two pairs of trousers, Two Shirts
  3. Pull-over and a rain coat
  4. Lanyard and a Whistle
  5. Baton
  6. A Cap
  7. Appropriate badges of rank
  8. Identification cards and name tags
  9. Bows and arrows (if required)
  10. A torch and dry cells(Twice every month)
  11. Black shoe polish and a bar or soap.

*A guard is usually issued with two pairs of uniform. They are replaced annually.


Supervision is done at least three times per every shift. There are also a number of impromptu checks by senior operations managers. This is to make sure that the movements of supervisors are also checked and incidents put under control. Apart from this, there is also the watchman’s clock installed at the clients’ request where guards are required to clock in at intervals. This system is connected to base control unit and every signal is received whenever the guards clock in. this improves delivery of service since the guards are kept awake and alert at all times. Among the duties of the supervisor includes the following:

  1. Visiting all assignments regularly
  2. Check and ensure that the guards are well groomed
  3. Carry out patrol with guards
  4. Read reports carried out by the guards, make recommendations and take action.
  5. Raise control room to report about all developments
  6. Hold optimum parade regularly