The organization is a successful security company, which has gained recognition for specializing in the provision of the following security services: –


We have the most qualified, thoroughly vetted and trained professional guards. Our guards go through a comprehensive recruitment procedure. You will not regret if you place the safety of your assets in the hands of our dedicated Security Officers. Our force of over 1900 full-time personnel has an intimate knowledge of protecting properties in commercial, banking, parastatals, diplomatic and residential sectors.

Apart from intensive training and refresher courses, we rely on an integrated network of supervision to combat various risks in the most responsible, intelligent and efficient way.
Our security officers are highly astute men and women providing first-line practical defense and technical support for our other services. Personnel on assignment are:

  • In constant radio communication with our Control Room
  • Electronically monitored to ensure their full attention during day and night shifts
  • Trained to use relevant security equipment for specific tasks
  • Fluent in English and Kiswahili and possess Public Relations skills
  • Routinely retrained to stay abreast with changing insecurity issues
  • Fully insured with 24-hour medical care available

To further enhance your safety, our supervisors monitor the guards through random spot checks using our sophisticated electronic guard electronic Monitoring System (GEMS) that is tamper proof, to ensure that our services meet your expectation.


We have over 28 German shepherd dogs. We also have other breeds such as: - Rottweilers, Bullmastiffs, Ridgebacks, Belgian Malinois and Golden Retrievers, each provided with medical care and specialized training.
Mocam specializes in providing highly trained guard dog teams to a diverse portfolio of clients; ranging from hospitality to corporate entities, we deliver the best in guard dog services.

By fully understanding your security requirements and associated risks to your business, we will provide you with a bespoke service solution that integrates seamlessly into your business. Whether you have a permanent / temporary sniffer dog or any other security requirement, our senior management team will design the most cost effective and robust security solution that adds real value to your organization.

With years of experience as security professionals and experts in dog services, Mocam is able to provide Specialist Dog Handlers and highly trained dogs for every aspect of your security requirements.

Providing well trained dogs to organizations is a serious business and there are no second chances. We assure you of complete confidentiality at all times combined with the very best advice to assist your decision making.


Mocam provides state of the art wired / wireless burglary alarm system to protect your home and work places. The intrusion alarm systems are available from 8 zones to 192 zones, Mocam provides the feature of attaching dialer facility to do the zoning of the system for the easy understanding of pin pointing the intrusion area.

Mocam also offer connecting intruder alarm system with GSM module to give out prerecorded messages to pre stored telephone numbers. Our systems provide a crucial deterrent to criminals and a fast response when required.

Our Radio Alarms use the latest Technology. They can be wall mounted or hand held and are linked, via Radio Transmitters, to a Mocam Control Center. Activation results in the immediate dispatch of a trained crew in a Response Vehicle. Appropriate action is taken, including calling the Police and/or Fire brigade. All calls and resultant action are logged in our computer. Automatic daily test signals sent by transmitters together with routine monthly maintenance ensure that the alarms are always in working order.


With the constant demand of electronic security of building related to the safety of your staff, visitors, your goods and data, access control system has become an important part of your total security.

With our system you can determine automatically who is where, when and under what conditions. Access also works as a valuable assistant when clearing the building in the case of fire or any emergency. It also minimizes the risk factor whereby dangerous situations or fraud and theft may occur.

Mocam provides tailor made time management & access control solutions to all sectors of business. Whether you are looking for a biometric time and attendance system, time recording solution for flexi time workers, or simply a traditional time recorder machine then we have the answer.


Mocam presents you with world renowned metal detectors that are pivotal in ensuring weapons such as knives and guns do not gain access to your premises undetected. Without having to physically touch your visitors and clients this unique solution gives you an option to vet guests and safeguard your property.

Ranging from handheld detectors to Walk-through metal detectors, Mocam gives you an exciting product that will help bolster your security by prevention rather than reaction.

Our range- hand held metal detectors include:-
 Super Scanner
 Super Wand
 Tactical Hand Held Metal Detector


The Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System is an advanced version of the belly scope mirror commonly used to check explosives under the vehicle. The equipment has high definition video camera with infrared night vision capability at the bottom. It also has a 7-inch high definition LCD screen. The equipment is placed strategically under the vehicle and uses a camera to relay information to the LCD screen for the operator to see what is under the vehicle


From our investigations team, you can be certain to obtain detailed and objective analytical reports for criminal lawsuits, insurance fraud and domestic disputes. Our talented professionals with experience as law enforcement investigators and private security specialists gather critical intelligence sensitively and responsibly.
Apart from the Kenya Police and other governmental organizations, our established network brings together influential stakeholders to deliver original insights.


We design your business according to the latest security techniques and safety precautions. We provide detailed risk assessments, evaluations and audits to resolve your current risk management status or develop an original system for a secure future.
We provide Risk Analysis by Interactive security examinations to mitigate undesirable events facing your business by:-
• Formulation of policies and implementation plans
• Collaboration of all business stakeholders to ensure solutions are accessible to all.


The security requirements of each event and venue are unique and require careful preparation.
Mocam Security plans and executes thorough risk management procedures to ensure that large-scale corporate events can continue safely and without disruptions. We select the best professionals and devise effective measures to tackle any threats, including fires and medical emergencies.
We have successfully managed a variety of high-profile events including. Our specially trained teams are available for full-time, part-time or emergency coverage.


Mocam Close Protection Officers (CPOs) are well trained. We carry out regular evaluation and testing of our team ensures that we are updated in ever changing modern day tactics and counter tactics.

Our CPO services are available to the full range of client groups, all with their differing needs, requirements, circumstances & unique needs associated with their professions or status.

Our CPOs are available for specific events, circumstances & time periods, covering any or all of the whole range of Close Protection Officer duties, including:
a. Personal Bodyguards
b. Security Drivers
c. Escort Team (several Bodyguards)

Residential Security Teams, providing security for permanent residences, offices, venues and also temporary locations for holidays, high profile events and product launches. We can offer a fully integrated VIP Protection Team, comprising of driver(s), bodyguard(s), residential security officer(s) and a dedicated security contract manager if required.


We have a fully fledged fire department which offers the following services among others.

a. Sales, supply and installation of all types of Fire Equipment.
b. Service, Maintenance and repair of all types of Fire Equipment.
c. Twenty-four hours standby Emergency Response.
d. Fire and Safety Training.
e. Fire Survey and Recommendation.

Mocam Fire department has fifty four (54) staff members including field representatives who are stationed in our various branches. They are fully qualified and experienced Fire Safety Professionals. We have made it a mandatory for all our staff to go through a firefighting training before releasing them to the field.


Mocam operate a 24 hour Manned Control Room, Monitoring of all Security Contracts. Our Duty Controllers are often the first point of contact that our Customers, Potential Customers, Staff, Suppliers and the general public have with our Company. To this end, all of our Controllers are expert for their role and have received detailed and rigorous training in the execution of their duties.
Customer Care, Dedication to the role, Communication Skills, Computer literacy, a Proactive approach and exceptional standards of deportment are merely a random selection of the qualities demanded of our Control Room Staff.

A Control Room Log Book is maintained so that any incident, no matter how trivial, is brought to the attention of the Management team for further action. Vehicle fleet Management and Call Centre Operation are just a few of the additional tasks undertaken by this Highly Trained, Self Motivated and well Managed team of whom the Company is rightly proud.

Our controllers are privy to the location of all our assignments and are in picture of the nearest police station of AP camps. Whenever there is an incident, they act as the liaison between the armed police offices and our security team on the ground.